Say Hello to…

DL has now done it’s 41st year (we’re getting on a bit now!) and what a year it has been. With a whole host of new, exciting projects, we’ve been working hard delivering the same outstanding service you’re used to. An ever increasing work load means we’ve undergone some changes. And as a result, our friendly team has got a little bit […]

What is Biophilic Design?

We all like our home comforts however we can’t help crave the great outdoors. We’re hardwired to want a connection with nature, developed over 1000’s of years of evolution and human-environment interaction this innate craving isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Naturally, this makes us think about our working environment and how we can incorporate […]

Would You Stand Whilst Working?

Whilst most would cringe at the prospect of throwing away their comfy seat and opting to stand whilst working there’s a new product that’s got the nation on its feet! Many people are switching their regular desk for one that allows the ability to stand whilst you work! It may sound outlandish however significant evidence suggests it’s not only great for your health but vastly improves motivation […]

Welcome Article

The whole team at The DL Company would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page where we will share detailed articles covering the latest news, handy tips and advice from within our company and the wider world of the office refurbishment industry. We will use these blog posts to communicate important information […]