What is Biophilic Design?

Biophillic Design 2Biophillic Design

We all like our home comforts however we can’t help crave the great outdoors. We’re hardwired to want a connection with nature, developed over 1000’s of years of evolution and human-environment interaction this innate craving isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon.

Naturally, this makes us think about our working environment and how we can incorporate nature into our day. Evidence of the psychological benefits are mounting, they include; reducing stress, aid in the recovery of illness. It enhances cognitive skills, increases performance by up to 15%, and even makes people more generous. And if you weren’t already convinced a more natural working environment results in lower staff turnover and lower absenteeism. If you’re looking to boost productivity and encourage your customers to spend, maybe a few strategically placed bonsai trees isn’t such a bad idea!

Although considered a basic requirement the importance of natural light and human well being can often fall short on issues of practically and health and safety. Only 58% of offices have access to natural light however workers highlight it as an essential piece of the working atmosphere. So what are some small changes you can make to incorporate nature into your working environment?

  • Utilise the natural light and window exposure
  • Ensure your office is well ventilated with access to fresh air
  • Incorporate materials like stone and wood
  • Hang pictures and use graphics of nature
  • Use bright colours, especially green
  • Recycle and use recycled materials
  • Use grassy, textured carpet tiles
  • Encourage indoor plants
  • Install a water fountain
  • Finally, consider getting a fish tank!

These changes are simple, yet highly effective. They’ll make positive differences to your employees’ satisfaction. Invest in your work space and your employees will work well within it!

If you need some help and advice, or fancy reading some more articles regarding incorporating nature into your work space, give us a call!